Is Listening to an Audiobook the Same as Reading a Book?

An Unconventional Review of The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and How I Plan to Read More Books This Year (and Why I Love My Public Library) Apart from the books that my parents and teachers read aloud to me when I was very young, all of my reading has been done in the… Continue reading Is Listening to an Audiobook the Same as Reading a Book?

My Worst Camping Experience

Camping Downstream with Truffles and My New Shoes This true story is dedicated to my parents. (I love you, Mom and Dad. If you ever want to take the grandkids camping, be sure to count me out!) When I was ten years old, my parents decided that my younger brother and I were old enough… Continue reading My Worst Camping Experience

Maria’s 2018 Reading Log, Part 1

Ten Quick Book Reviews I am a binge reader. I go a couple of months without reading any books (lately these reading droughts have coincided with rather intense periods of creative writing), and then I read so many books so quickly that I have trouble remembering all of them later on. I thought I’d better… Continue reading Maria’s 2018 Reading Log, Part 1

St. Patrick’s Day Flash Fiction

A Little Forbidden Love by Maria Roth   Lizzie closed her eyes and stroked her sleeping husband’s shoulder. Johnny, she thought.   Johnny came back, as if she’d never stopped dreaming. “Why won’t you run away with me?” he asked. “I’m married.”   “To a freak! What the hell were you thinkin’, Lizzie?” Johnny touched… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Flash Fiction

One Precious Life

A Poem and an Essay on Cancers in America   One Precious by Maria Roth   Mama pigeon perched outside my window Guarding her nest One precious white egg   Inside my daughter’s hospital room I watch and listen as my precious one sleeps I draw the curtain so the nurses can’t see me cry… Continue reading One Precious Life

Grocery Sackers, Before They Fell in Love

A Cheesy Poem for My Husband Happy Valentine’s Day, Dan the Man (D.J.)! 2/14/10 Tall and scrawny Short sleeves, Tasmanian Devil tie Big white smile, slightly droopy eye Dark blonde hair slicked down Faded green apron double-tied Crooked name tag—Hi, I’m Dan Pushing carts, twelve at a time Paper or plastic, ma’am? Don’t smash my… Continue reading Grocery Sackers, Before They Fell in Love

Excerpts from Yet Another Rejected Romance Novel: Annabelle’s Cure

Sometimes it’s fun to write satirical, awful-on-purpose fiction, especially romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. It makes me laugh. “Serious” romance novels often make me laugh, too. Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, is a laugh riot.   Here are my favorite excerpts from yet another unpublished romance novel—last one, I swear!—by my BFF/alter ego, Michelle Grebo,… Continue reading Excerpts from Yet Another Rejected Romance Novel: Annabelle’s Cure