Excerpts from Yet Another Rejected Romance Novel: Annabelle’s Cure

Sometimes it’s fun to write satirical, awful-on-purpose fiction, especially romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. It makes me laugh. “Serious” romance novels often make me laugh, too. Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, is a laugh riot.   Here are my favorite excerpts from yet another unpublished romance novel—last one, I swear!—by my BFF/alter ego, Michelle Grebo,… Continue reading Excerpts from Yet Another Rejected Romance Novel: Annabelle’s Cure

Excerpts from Another Rejected Romance Novel: He Was More Hillbilly Than Vampire

“Katie had always wanted to date a vampire.”  When I read that opening line in Michelle Grebo’s 132nd unpublished romance novel, He Was More Hillbilly Than Vampire, I knew I was in for a treat.  I don’t usually enjoy paranormal romances, but Michelle was thoughtful enough to name the main character—a shy, potentially impotent vampire—after… Continue reading Excerpts from Another Rejected Romance Novel: He Was More Hillbilly Than Vampire

Excerpts from a Rejected Romance Novel

(Unpublished Masterpieces and Other Tragedies) I have always been interested in the lives of other writers, and the lives of the stories and poems they create. Some of their creations flourish in e-book form on Amazon, or find tangible, paper homes on a Barnes & Noble bookshelf; some hide in the large-print sections of libraries.… Continue reading Excerpts from a Rejected Romance Novel

Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine’s Day Love Poem

For Lazy or Uninspired Men to Give Their Girlfriends or Wives Looking for the perfect way to say “I love you” to your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re too broke to buy a decent Hallmark card. Maybe your identity was recently stolen and you’ve sworn off all online-shopping. Well, at least you’re smart… Continue reading Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine’s Day Love Poem

Resolutions for 2018: “Excessively Diverted” in a Productive Way

Note about the featured photo: My husband gave me this perfect tote bag for Christmas. (I’m a Jane Austen geek, and I already have the “I [Heart] Mr. Darcy” tote bag.) “I am excessively diverted” is something Elizabeth Bennet says, but also what the invisible sign over my head says whenever I’m completely engrossed in… Continue reading Resolutions for 2018: “Excessively Diverted” in a Productive Way

Thanksgiving Tidbits

Happy Thanksgiving! I have lots of excellent excuses for not writing very much this month, but no one wants to hear about my new job…You do? Really? Well, if you must know, I’m a “professional” proofreader now, which is fantastic, because I actually get paid to read stuff and correct all the errors I find.… Continue reading Thanksgiving Tidbits

More Drabble, Less Babble

Reflections on My First Month of Blogging Hooray! My blog baby, Popcorn and Pigtails (Poppy Pig? Piggy Pop?), is one month old! Awww, she’s so cute and tiny and clueless, but sometimes she smiles at me, and I swear it isn’t gas. I am thrilled to have this itty-bitty space—a little room of my own… Continue reading More Drabble, Less Babble

Why “Popcorn and Pigtails”? Why Now?

Welcome to my shiny new blog! You’re probably here by mistake. I’m so sorry to disappoint you. You were innocently searching for popcorn recipes or a cute new hairstyle for your daughter, and you pulled THIS–some weird lady’s obnoxious blog–out of Google’s grab bag instead. Oops! Don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it. I once… Continue reading Why “Popcorn and Pigtails”? Why Now?