Am I Too Old to Go Sledding?

Or Do I Just Suck at Sledding? Or Does Sledding Just Suck? I should have asked myself if I was too old to go sledding before I went sledding last weekend. My poor, aching neck and rear end are constant reminders of my sledding “fails.” Maybe what my husband says is true: My age isn’t… Continue reading Am I Too Old to Go Sledding?

Are You Really Ready to Marry a Star Wars Geek?

I’ve been married to a Star Wars geek for seventeen years now. Before you tie the knot with a man who daydreams about lightsaber duels, wears Boba Fett T-shirts, and has a dog named “Salacious Crumb,” here are some important things to consider. Where will all his Star Wars stuff go? Is your boyfriend an… Continue reading Are You Really Ready to Marry a Star Wars Geek?

The Unexpected Perks of Parenthood

Breakfast in Bed, Halloween in July, and More My kids are generous to a fault. They never stop giving me unforgettable gifts. Never! For my birthday, my kids made me the cutest, sweetest birthday cards, and they sang “Happy Birthday” to me before I was even out of bed. How nice! Little did I know that… Continue reading The Unexpected Perks of Parenthood