About Me

Welcome to my blog, Popcorn and Pigtails, named after two things that make me extremely happy. My husband and two children make me extremely happy, too, at least once or twice a week, but their names aren’t particularly blog-title-worthy.

UPDATE: You’re no longer required to eat popcorn and braid your hair into pigtails–or tape a little pink piggy tail to your butt–as you read. But I certainly won’t stop you from going all-out Pippi Longstocking or Porky Pig, and stuffing your face with kettle corn, if that’s your thing. The goal here is authenticity: Be true to yourselfThe truth will set you free...

The truth is, I love writing even more than I love popcorn, and I hope you’ll find something here to entertain or inspire you. Or, at the very least, a decent popcorn or haircut coupon (I’m talking to my future corporate sponsors. Come on, guys. Golden opportunity here).

–Maria Roth