Mother’s Day Humor

I dedicate this piece of drabble/microfiction to all of the amazing moms who never lose their cool. Moms who are nothing like me. Happy Mother’s Day!


Simmering at 6:08 p.m.


“What’s for dinner?”

Something delicious. Stop snacking and turn off the Xbox.

“I’m hungry.”

I said no more snacks.

“Fine, I’ll just get a drink.”

Please don’t drink Caitlin’s juice boxes.

“I’m only having one.”

Time to turn the Xbox off, Owen.

“Mommy, Owen’s drinking my juice!”

Dinner’s ready! Turn the Xbox off!

“Just a sec, Mom.”


“You never said we were having beans! Gross!”

“What are these yucky green things, Mommy?”

Peppers. Sit down, Caitlin.

“Hi, Daddy!”

“Hi, guys! What’s that wonderful smell?”



“Mommy’s in a bad mood again.”



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