Grocery Sackers, Before They Fell in Love

A Cheesy Poem for My Husband

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dan the Man (D.J.)! 2/14/10

Tall and scrawny

Short sleeves, Tasmanian Devil tie

Big white smile, slightly droopy eye

Dark blonde hair slicked down

Faded green apron double-tied

Crooked name tag—Hi, I’m Dan

Pushing carts, twelve at a time

Paper or plastic, ma’am?

Don’t smash my bread!

Pouring bad milk down the drain

Tossing boxes into the compactor

Sweeping up a shattered pickle jar

Filling the pop machine

Doing go-backs

Loading groceries in car trunks

Emptying break-room trash


Too busy to notice the new girl

Her Catholic school uniform

Khaki kilt and white ankle socks

Long blonde hair, sixteen years old

I need a price-check on register four

Unstained, fresh green apron

Clean name tag—Hi, I’m Maria

Sweeping the floors

What’s the code for Macintosh apples?

Grimacing at the leaky package of bloody steaks

Sacking boxed dinners and canned beans in paper

Gallons of milk in plastic, just like the lady wants

Be very careful with my eggs, honey


D.J., go on break

Dan rolls his eyes, hates that nickname

Grabs donuts and strawberry milk

Pays cash at express register two

Smiles at Maria on his way to the break room


She smiles back

Going on break?


She notices his hazel eyes for the first time

Doesn’t start blushing till he’s gone

Thank you

Have a nice day




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