Thanksgiving Tidbits

Happy Thanksgiving! I have lots of excellent excuses for not writing very much this month, but no one wants to hear about my new job…You do? Really? Well, if you must know, I’m a “professional” proofreader now, which is fantastic, because I actually get paid to read stuff and correct all the errors I find. It’s every Word Nerd’s dream. Did you know that many people have absolutely no clue whatsoever how or where to use, apostrophes comma’s semicolon’s quotation “mark’s’ especially apostrophe’s OTHER People enjoy Randomly capitalizing Words that Don’t Deserve To Be Capitalized and write in great big long run-on sentences I know I sound like a snob so I’ll stop now No I won’t use any proper punctuation now its Your Turn to play proofreader and see how much fun It Is I love my new job For Real”!!!?..)…!

Anyway, the new proofreading job will allow me to cut way back on the hours I have to work at my retail job, leaving me more time to write (beginning next week–finally!). Hooray for more writing! Hooray for less retail madness and less stress!

I’m very thankful for my new job and very thankful for all of you, who’ve chosen to read my silly blog post rather than talk to your weird uncle at the dinner table or go shopping for Fingerlings at Walmart (don’t bother; you’re not going to find Fingerlings anywhere). 

(Please note that I’m waiting until after Thanksgiving to start publishing any Christmas articles, because I’m turning into an old fuddy-duddy who truly hates the way American retailers celebrate Halloween and then immediately start shoving Christmas down our throats.)

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